Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
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Founder: Adventures of the Heart

Author: The Art of the Spark:
12 Habits to Inspire Romantic Adventures

Inspiring Speaker. Effective Trainer.

Secret Weapon for the Romantically Challenged.

Romantic Adventurer Mary Zalmanek
Mary Zalmanek has an MBA, but she’s more proud of her RA. She’s a Romantic Adventurer, and she knows how to help you put the spark in your relationship. It’s not that she knows it all, but she’s learned a lot from being in love with love, and listening to other people. They trust her with their stories. Her enthusiasm for romance translates into a gift for helping others plan their romantic adventures.

Speaker and Trainer
Mary's workshops teach the habits that make successful adventures possible. The workshops explore love, romance, and fun in committed relationships. These romantic habits work in new relationships and those that are measured in decades. Drawing on relevant research and poignant stories from romantic couples, Mary gives practical tips that couples and singles can use immediately to add more fun and romance to their lives.  Couples who play together stay together.

Speeches and workshops can be customized to each audience. The most popular topics are listed below. 

You’ll discover how to…  

The Art of the Spark

  • Build a foundation for romantic adventures
  • Show love in a way your sweetheart understands
  • Get the love you want 
  • Know when surprise is wise ... or ill advised
  • Do the loving gestures that thrill your beloved and avoid the ones that  fall flat
  • Practice the romantic habits the most loving couples have in common
  • Develop your own Romance Profile

The Staying Power of Play

  • Use the six types of play, including love play
  • Develop your own Play List
  • Make play a part of your love life
  • Plan romantic adventures ... on any budget 
  • Present gifts – large or small – in memorable ways
  • Practice your own romantic traditions 
  • Enjoy romance as a way of life long beyond the initial stages of courtship

The Art of Celebration

  • Celebrate life with gratitude the victories and the challenges
  • Identify what means most to you and your loved ones
  • Gain the courage to follow your dreams
  • Survive -- and thrive -- in spite of divorce, illness and job loss
  • Develop your Bucket List based on your answers to 10 life-defining questions
  • Live your Bucket List NOW

Custom Celebrations
Mary has a natural talent for creating events that bring people together, whether it’s marking life’s important passages or building camaraderie in groups. In her monthly ezine,
Celebrating Our Lives, she shares stories to spark ideas for her subscriber’s own celebrations.


Her Own Adventures
Mary's had two once-in-a-lifetime adventures. When these opportunities presented themselves, she felt the "Yes!" at the core of her being.


Mary and Jim at Mexican borderWhen Mary talked her husband into mountain biking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail from Canada to Mexico, she knew the ride wouldn't be easy. On this 59-day journey, there were only two bad days.





Villa DecaryIt was like paradise, except for the scorpions. Read about Mary and Jim's two-month adventure Inn Sitting in the Costa Rican Rainforest.