Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek

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“Zalmanek proffers up nifty ideas to ward off the relationship doldrums.”

Publishers Weekly


“I’m jealous of Mary.  I’m jealous that I didn’t think-up the concept of ‘Romantic Habits’ first.  … Do yourself a favor and acquire this book. You—and your lover —will be glad you did.”

—Gregory J.P. Godek, author of 1001 Ways To Be Romantic


“Romance feels deeply liberating in Zalmanek’s hands.”

            Kirkus Discoveries


“Other experts have written about the work it takes to make relationships successful - Zalmanek shows how romance makes relationships fun!”

Independent Publisher


“With Cupid-like precision, Zalmanek presents a clear plan for how couples can develop a foundation for adventure and create personalized romantic adventures that honor the individuality of the couple.”

Austin Woman


“...even if you think you know it all, been there, done that, etc., there's a new book that will teach you a thing or two about romance and help you ignite the romantic flame in your relationship.”

Mountain Connection


“Mary’s wise words, funny stories, and her gentle guidance are a great gift to give to your significant other or to a brand new couple.”

            —Jill Murphy Long, author of Permission to Play and Permission to Party


“This delightful book…is a must read for guys who realize that their ‘romance gene’ is either missing or under-developed.”

            —Barry K. Weinhold, co-author, Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way


The Art of the Spark is chock full of inspiration for loving couples who want to re-ignite their passion but have no idea how to do it.”

            —Ann E. Carlisle, Ph.D., Psychologist, Imago Relationship Therapist


“As I read [The Art of the Spark]…I imagined all of the dates and adventures I could create.”

            —Ava Diamond, author of Great Quotes from Feisty Women


"Beautifully written in a tender, encouraging tone, The Art of the Spark speaks to those couples searching for a fresh way to love each other. Zalmanek truly understands what it takes to make a relationship last for the long haul and shares her secrets with enthusiasm and flair."
Vicki Landes, Reader Views


“Mary's book is a tour-de-force on how to communicate and HAVE FUN with someone you love....  Mary's book has added fuel to a romantic fire that was already burning bright. I recommend this book to everyone, and particularly to men who would like to give a gift to their companion that will immediately demonstrate their commitment to a relationship of adventure and fun. Don't just buy it for your partner, give them the gift of reading it first and starting to make changes to the way you treat your relationship.”

John Sileo, author Stolen Lives


“I LOVE THIS BOOK! This book is an absolute must for any couple… shows you how to create romance of all kinds, from small gestures of love to grandiose adventures.”

Victoria Powell, Benton, AR


“The Art of the Spark is a well written, useful book… All relationships are difficult at time. This book will help you through difficult times and keep your love growing. In my 51 years of marriage we have been there and done that.”

Elva Anson, author of Becoming Soul Mates


“Combine a little effort with Mary's creative ideas and you have a recipe for creating your own Cinderella story! The Art of the Spark is a must read!”

Marsha Johnson, Tulsa, OK

  author of Emerald's Garden


“I recommend The Art of the Spark for couples who want to create a life filled with loving, romantic moments. Relationships aren't always easy. We sometimes don't know what to do but with this book, romance is not only easy, it is fun.”

Janice Hoffman, author of Relationship Rules


“Zalmanek does an excellent job--she delivers exactly what she promises, a long and diverse menu of ideas and creative twists that will either give you a play-by-play for a romantic evening or help you think about your relationship's needs and create your own unique set of conditions to encourage romance.”

Tim Bigby


“In The Art of The Spark, Mary Zalmanek does more than provide ideas to light the fires of romance in your relationship, she teaches you how to celebrate the love of your life.”

Rebecca Jacoby, Southeast PA


“The Art of the Spark is the perfect book for any couple: old or young, dating or celebrating their golden anniversary, on a tight budget or with expendable income. The only criteria: they must want to keep the fires burning.”

Leon Scott Baxter, Santa Barbara, CA

   "America's Romance Guru”


“As we merrily go through our lives we sometimes forget how giving or receiving even a small loving gesture can make life seem so special and us feel so loved. The Art of the Spark shows us how a multitude of couples of all ages and at all points in their relationships have found ways to express their love to the people that mean the most to them.”

Donna Coomer, Northwestern PA,

   Between the Lines Reviews


“The Art of the Spark is like a gift you give your relationship. Mary Zalmanek opens your mind and your heart with the stories and activities in the book. And, I highly recommend you work the book with your love, it's an eye opening experience. You think you know each other, but you will be surprised how much you'll learn.”

L.A. Hunter, author of Romeo’s Playbook


“Just when you thought you knew everything about Romance along comes The Art of Spark by Mary Zalmanek. I was so enthralled with Zalmanek's ways of looking at love including the romance pyramid and the exercises (which were wonderful.) I loved how the author showed how one can incorporate the simplest things you do to create a romantic adventure.”

Sylvia Hubbard, Detroit, MI

   author of How To Love A Black Woman


“Thinking that this might be just another book about doing something cute for your spouse on your anniversary, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a well-organized and fun read. By breaking romance down into twelve 'habits' to be cultivated and practiced, Mary has made romance exciting rather than passé; very do-able rather than 'scary.'”

Kathryn Marion, Erie, CO

   author of The Smartest Thing I Ever Did(tm)...series


“The Art Of the Spark provides great inspiration for anyone seeking to celebrate a romantic or other occasion with extra flair on any type of budget, all in a way that the recipient would desire. And, even if you choose not to do the helpful exercises in the book, you'll love the stories--they're so fabulous and heart-warming they make the book worth reading just for the smile it'll put on your face.”

Delores Michelle


“I enjoyed this book from start to finish... Usually not one for example stories from the lives of others, I found the ones in this book relevant and excellent food for thought to use for creating my own plans for future romantic adventures. “

Stevie Puckett, Atlanta, GA


“I was hooked on this book from the first chapter, and suggested to my husband that we both read it. After he started, he asked if we could read it together, so we could do the exercises and talk about it. He obviously heeded the author's advice because that rang my romance bell right away! We've been married 18 years, and have read many relationship books to help keep the love light burning. This book is by far the most fun to read, and should be an essential tool in every couple's relationship enrichment kit.”

Jan Goff-LaFontaine, Santa Cruz, CA

   author Women in Shadow and Light: Journeys From Abuse to Healing


“This book made me smile the moment I started reading the first chapter. Mary has created romance for you and all you have to do is read the book! I would suggest giving this to your partner or just place it in front of them to read. What a fabulous find to enhance our relationships. Thank you Mary, I needed something like this to keep the romance in our lives forever!”

Yvonne Phillips, Pittsburgh, PA


“Wow!!! I just opened the book at random and got a super, no cost idea that let me show my "significant other" that I really cared for her. For a guy who can never think of what to buy or do for those "special occasions" this book has an incredible wealth of ideas that are sure to please and easy to use.”

John Atkinson, Colorado Springs, CO


“What a wonderful book for inspiring romance in relationships. My husband and I have enjoyed reading through it and delighting in the author's wise and often humorous suggestions for keeping love alive and fun. Now that we know what a romantic adventure is - there's no turning back!”

Nancy Bentley, Colorado Springs, CO


“After 40 years of marriage with all the ups and downs & ins and outs life brings, our romantic tendencies had cooled, and I didn't even realize it. Then I read The Art of the Spark. Now I am eager to rekindle the flame, and this book is an excellent guide on how plan romantic adventures. I recommend it for all relationships--from those establishing their romantic foundation to those seeking to rekindle the fire.”

Carol Stoffel, Castle Rock, CO