Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Great Divide - Breckenridge, Selkirk CG, CO

From: Mary
Sent: Sunday, 8/24/03
To: Friends and Family
Subject: Williams Fork Reservoir to Selkirk Campground


August 23 - Williams Fork Reservoir to Breckenridge (26 miles, 2250 feet)

Some of you have said you'd like to ride along with us but you're concerned that you wouldn't be able to keep up.  You think we're in really good shape now after riding from Canada to Colorado.  The truth is that after nearly 1300 miles, my body hurts and I'm tired!  You can show up here like a fresh horse on the Pony Express; I'm the horse that's been ridden hard and put away wet.

Russ and Rhenee have been biking (and skiing) buddies for years.  Rhenee has always been stronger than me on the open road.  I had hoped that 5 weeks in the saddle would have leveled the playing field, but no!  Russ, Rhenee, and Jim still had to wait for me at the top of nearly every hill.  The delicious dinner that Rhenne with Duke and BeccaRhenee cooked for us comforted my bruised ego.

Never far from their beloved masters, Duke and Becca also joined us.

August 24 - Breckenridge to Selkirk Campground (17 miles, 2350 feet)

This morning while Jim, Russ, and Rhenee were shuttling cars to the campground, I had the luxury of staying at Russ and Rhenee's house and reading the newspaper for the first time in 5 weeks.  In the Intellectual Section" (Jim's term for the comics), the comic strip "Cathy" stopped me in my tracks.  Cathy was overwhelmed by emails and websites from her friends who actually thought their vacation was interesting enough to warrant detailed accounts and numerous photos.  ARGH! If my emails leave you longing for picture-postcard days, I apologize.

Russ and Rhenee made the short trip over Boreas Pass more interesting by Boreas passtaking us on some great single track instead of the road.  As we neared the top of the pass, storm clouds were gathering.  We put on our rain gear and raced the rain to our campsite.  The rain won.

Even better than a surprise meeting of strangers that will become friends is a surprise meeting of old friends.  I was thrilled when Vern and Jarla unexpectedly knocked on the door of the motorhome.  They had taken a chance that we would be where we said we would on the revised itinerary I sent out last week. They pitched their tent in the rain and joined us for dinner. Adding friends to any gathering makes it more festive!

We were sad to see Russ and Rhenee leave us after dinner.  They are such good company that I don't really mind seeing only their backsides for miles on end.

Happy trails,

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