Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Great Divide - Steamboat Springs, Lynx Pass CG, Williams Fork Reservoir, CO

From: Mary
Sent: Friday, 8/22/03
To: Friends and Family
Subject: Rawlins, WY to Steamboat Springs, CO

August 20 - Steamboat Springs (rest day)

Since today is a rest day, Evan headed out on his own for a few days to do some fly-fishing.  Before leaving, he weighed his bike, the BOB, and his Evan with 150 pound bikebackpack -- 150 pounds.  When we stick together, the motorhome carries most of his gear.  Do you think that's why he's willing to put up with me telling him he looks like a serial killer?

Rest day is a misnomer.  There's nothing restful about laundry, grocery shopping and finding Internet access.  But enough of my whining.  After several things didn't go exactly as I wanted, I told Jim that on top of everything else, I was getting a pimple.  He said, "I really feel for you. I couldn't imagine how your life could get any more miserable."  After that, I was able to laugh at myself and appreciate just how fortunate I am.

August 21 - Steamboat Springs Ski Area (14 miles, mostly downhill)

What I really wanted to do yesterday on our rest day was to take the gondola up on the ski area and ride my bike down the trails.  We got to the ski area 30 Mary on single-track trail at Steamboatminutes before the lift closed, and we weren't willing to pay $48 for a single ride.  With an earlier start today, we went to the ski area for some of that sweet single track that I'd been looking forward to since we'd left home.  Steamboat has done a great job of laying out their mountain bike trails so that they are not ALL downhill -- that would be boring.  There are plenty of traverses, uphills, rocks and tree roots to make it interesting.

Our tentative plan was to meet Evan at a campground that was well marked on several maps, but Jim and I couldn't find it after an hour of searching. Plan B was to meet him the following day.  We found out later that Evan couldn't find the campground either.  It all worked out for the best.  As much as we have enjoyed the company of friends and strangers along the way, I'll remember this evening in the quiet Lynx Pass campground alone with my sweetheart as one of my favorites of the trip.

August 22 - Lynx Pass Campground to Williams Fork Reservoir (7 miles, 910 feet)

Jim and I decided to get a trail map in Kremmling and do some more single track since we'd gotten off to a late start.  We got to the trailhead just ahead of an afternoon thunderstorm.  Dark clouds and rolling thunder chased us off the ridge just a few miles into the ride.  We raced the rain back to the motorhome.  We won by a nose.

After finding us at Williams Fork Reservoir, Evan declared, "It's good to be home."  He'd previously complained that doing this trip with the motorhome was too easy.  He expected to endure hardships like getting caught in the rain, pushing his bike up steep mountains with a fully loaded BOB, and running out of toilet paper in the woods.  Now he can mark one of those things off his list since he spent an hour huddled under a tarp shivering in the rain.

When we were in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, this seemed like a grand adventure.  The downside to being in the familiar stretches of our home state is that now it just seems like a fun bike ride, one that we've done before.  The benefit of being in familiar territory is that our friends and family are here.  Russ and Rhenee Fadling, friends who live in nearby Breckenridge, met us this evening at Williams Fork.  They will be riding with us for the next two days.  Having friends along for the ride reinstates the grand adventure status.

Happy trails,

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