Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Great Divide - Salida, Dolyeville, Luder's Creek CG, CO

From: Mary
Sent: Friday, 8/29/03
To: Friends and Family
Subject: Salida to Luder's Creek Campground


August 27 - Salida (rest day)

The only thing notable about this rest day is that some friends who live in Salida, Lynne and Norm Lastovica and Lynne's teenage son, Matt, joined us for dinner.  Matt impressed us by demonstrating a unique talent.  With the skill of an experienced bricklayer, he disassembled three doublewide Oreos and reassembled two sides and three middles to create one cookie with six times the frosting. What talent!

August 28 - Salida to Dolyeville (27 miles, 2110 feet)

The morning started with a slow, steady rain, which pretty much guaranteed a wet and muddy ride.  Even though the weather was dreary and Lynne had only ridden her mountain bike a couple of times in many years, she agreed to ride over Marshall Pass with us under the condition that her picture would get attached to this email.  Not a problem!  We met Evan at O'Haver Lake and started pedaling uphill.  The rain did not dampen our spirits, and I enjoyed Lynn and Mary at Marshall Passtalking to Lynne as much as I enjoyed riding with her.

Lynne and I caught up with Evan for a brief lunch break.  Just after Evan rode away, we heard a loud pop and turned to see green stuff flying through the air.  Evan, who told me early in the trip that he never gets flats because he uses Slime in his tires, just had a blowout.

Jim and Norm shuttled the cars to the end point and started riding back towards us.  By the time we got back to the motorhome, our bodies and our smiles were covered with mud.

August 29 - Doyleville to Luder's Creek Campground (26 miles, 2170 feet)

We have wonderful friends!  Yesterday Lynne and Norm took a garbage bag full of our muddy clothes home to launder.  This morning Norm returned with our Campsite south of Doylevilleclean clothes, a new tire for Evan, and a couple of brushes to get the caked mud off our bikes.  Lynne had hoped to ride with us again, but something came up that she needed to take care of.

Evan and I started out riding together, but he soon stopped to fish.  I was on my own for most of today's ride, listening to a Fleetwood Mac CD.  It was a glorious day.  When I was a few miles from the top of Cochetopa Pass, a thunderstorm moved in.  I raced the rain and made it to the motorhome just as the rain hit.

For the first time since the start of the trip, we had the luxury of a campfire tonight.  In Montana and Idaho, campfires were banned due to the extreme fire danger.  While we enjoyed our fire, a man at the next campsite played his fiddle.  It sounded great; we applauded after each song.  We found out the next morning he is a fiddle teacher in Boulder.

Happy trails,

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