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Costa Rica - September 19, 2001 - If a plane can take us, we're going

Wednesday, September 19, 2001


I just checked Continental's web site and our flights for Costa Rica tomorrow have not been cancelled.  We plan to get to the airport about 4 hours early.  We are prepared for a long day.

After looking forward to this trip for so long, the events of the past week certainly leave me with mixed emotions.  With the additional security at airports, I expect the flights to be safer than usual.  Costa Rica is a very peaceful country.  I have become such a news junkie since the attack; I am almost looking forward to not having constant coverage. 

For those of you with plans to come, or if you are still considering it, I checked out the State Department's travel warnings.  As you would expect, there are no warnings regarding terrorism for travel to Costa Rica.  You can take a look at this web site at  If you are interested in other foreign travel, say Iran or Afghanistan, you can change your mind by looking at the general travel warnings web site

Several of you asked about shots for Costa Rica.  Jim and I got Hepatitis A shots and took malaria pills for our cruise and first visit to Costa Rica.  I had considered not taking malaria pills this time since the B&B owners and the guidebooks didn't seem concerned about malaria.  However, at the 12th hour I checked out the Center for Disease Control web site about travel in Costa Rica ( and decided to discuss it with my doctor.  I have an appointment this afternoon, so we may or may not take malaria pills with us.  Please use your own judgment on this matter. 

I also checked on Travelocity last night to find out what airline ticket prices have done since the terrorism attack.  It appears that prices have not gone up much yet.  Tickets from Denver to Costa Rica are still running around $500, which is about what we paid.

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, I hope this information will reassure you.  We are going and hope you will too. 

If you don't hear from us for a few days, assume we are on our way.  I'll let you know if our flight is delayed.

Jim and I hope to see you in Costa Rica.


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