Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Drinks: Jim's 4-1-1 Margaritas

Jim Zalmanek has perfected this margarita recipe using fresh-squeezed citrus. Even though the drinks are two-thirds alcohol, they go down easy.  Be careful not to hurt yourself.  Add water to the margarita if you would like a less potent drink. 


Serves 6


4 limes

1 orange (or 2 cuties)

1 lemon

Triple Sec or other orange liqueur


Water (optional)


Juice limes, orange and lemon.  Add an equal amount of orange liqueur and tequila so that the end result is a mixture of 1/3 juice, 1/3 orange liqueur and 1/3 tequila.  

For the orange liqueur, Jim prefers Marie Brizzard or Extase XO. Triple sec and Grand Marnier also work well. Taste and adjust as necessary.  If the margarita is too sweet, add more lime.  It it is too tart, add more orange. Let your taste buds be your guide since the quality, taste and ripeness of the citrus can vary greatly. I recently made a batch that needed 8 limes to balance the sweet orange flavor.  Serve over a full cocktail glass of crushed or cubed ice.