Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 40 - While You Were Out

Quote of the Month 

"Do all things with love." — Og Mandino 

While You Were Out 

Sometime it's the simple things that spark great ideas. For David, shopping for curtains with Kathy and watching her favorite home makeover show, TLC's While You Were Out, were all the inspiration he needed. 

When Kathy went to Mexico for a long weekend with her sisters, David wasted no time putting his secret plan into action. Unbeknownst to Kathy, he'd arranged to take time off work while she was gone. He had just four days to transform their ordinary bedroom into a sensual retreat. Even though he'd already selected the materials, he couldn't buy them until she was gone since she carefully monitored credit card and check book purchases. After buying materials, he gutted the bedroom, tore up the carpeting, cleaned and repaired staple holes in the hard wood flooring, and painted the walls. He installed crown-style, chair rail and base trim moulding, and moved the furniture back into the bedroom. 

After finishing the job with just minutes to spare, he brought her home from the airport. She led the way down the hall to their bedroom and found the door closed with a sign on it: "While You Were Out." When she entered the room, she didn't recognize it as her own. She was dumbfounded that while she was enjoying her time south of the border, he was working his fanny off. 

The next day they selected new bedding and curtains together. Kathy added her own touch by stenciling "Love Always and Forever" on the wall. This wall was the perfect showcase for beautiful male and female ceramic torsos. 
Every time Kathy enters their bedroom, she's reminded of David's love. 

Best Sign on a Rear Car Window 

"Just Married...44 Years Ago" 

Imagine having that kind of excitement after forty-four years. That's what The Art of the Spark is all about. 

Art of the Spark Workshops 

If you are in the Colorado Springs or Denver area, it's easy to host your own Art of the Spark workshop. This highly interactive and entertaining workshop can be scheduled over several evenings or a weekend. 

You'll learn how to:
 - Build a foundation for romantic adventures
 - Speak your sweetheart's Love Language
 - Know when surprise is wise ... or ill advised
 - Customize your own Couple's Playlist with six types of Couple's Play
 - Plan romantic adventures ... on any budget 

For $60 per couple or $35 per person for a four-hour workshop, you'll also get a copy of The Art of the Spark and an unforgettable romantic snack. Five- and six-hour workshops can be customized to include couples massage with Jenny Domingue and romantic gift giving. For more information or to schedule your own workshop, call me at 719 649-3201. Sign up at 

Ronna, a recent workshop participant said, "On a scale of 1 to 10, the workshop was an 11. It was filled with substance and depth, yet still playful and easy. Thank you for your wonderful workshop that far surpassed my expectations. My honey and I left feeling even more connected and affirmed!" 

If you want to arrange a workshop at your own church, email me at Twenty percent of the proceeds are donated to the church. 

Buy The Art of the Spark 

Have you read The Art of the Spark? You can get one for yourself, or buy copies as gifts for friends. 

If you are hosting party and want a fun and unusual icebreaker, try Romance Bingo. 

Last but not least, if you want some pampering, pick up a pair of Fringe Ticklers. Ask your sweetheart to slide them over your back. It feels heavenly.

Celebrating with Food 

When I count my blessings, the people in my life are always at the top of the list. My husband, family and friends make my life complete. Some of my dearest friends are talented cooks and gardeners. Two of this month's recipes are from friends, and the other one was made possible from the bounty of another's garden. 

This could be considered the "friends and salmon" issue, especially if you serve the hummus as recommended with smoked salmon. It's my favorite fish, and it's also very healthy. 

My dear friend and neighbor, Bonnie Hildebrandt, gave me this tasty recipe for salmon pate. Like me, she modifies her recipes to suit her taste. This is the result of our individual modifications. This is a good use for leftover salmon, too. If you have less (or more) than 8 ounces, use roughly an equal amount of cream cheese. Adjust the other ingredients accordingly, but the exact measurements don't seem too critical. I usually add extra horseradish and onion. 

My dear friend Louise Ostrow is also a fabulous cook. Her homemade hummus was a hit at a recent gathering. It's great with chips or crackers. Another tasty combination is to serve it on crackers (she used Mary's Gone Crackers, which are gluten free) and top it with smoked salmon and a thin slice of Campari tomato. 

When I started making this recipe years ago, I always made my own pesto. Then a chef at a fine restaurant told me store-bought pesto provides a perfectly acceptable shortcut. When my fabulous friend Debbie Robertson, who is an amazing gardener, gave me some basil, I went back to the old way. I'll give you the original recipe and two short cuts to make this tasty dish in half the time.

Until Next Time 

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Wishing you a life of romantic adventure, 
Mary Zalmanek

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