Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 44 - Dinner in Bed

Quote of the Month

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.  ~Voltaire

Dinner in Bed


Kurt and Louise Ostrow work hard, sometimes too hard. Together they've built a successful business. Kurt typically puts in a sixty-plus hour workweek.  Louise works about half that at the office, then spends the rest of her waking hours running their household and tending to the needs of their 12-year-old daughter Angela.  They have divvied up responsibilities in a way that suits them.


As all working parents know, some days are harder than others.  One day last month, Louise had a particularly trying day.  Kurt could see the stress on her face and the fatigue in her body. He suggested she take a nap while he prepared dinner.  She gladly accepted. Kurt prepared a gourmet fish dinner and served Louise dinner in bed.  He ate with Angela and helped with her homework. Last but not least, he did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  


Kurt is well aware of all Louise does to make his life easier. He likened it to a circus act; he is the trapeze artist and she is the net, his constant source of support. He appreciates how hard she works to balance business, parenting and homemaking.  Taking over kitchen duties occasionally is one way he gives back to her. During their twenty-three years of marriage, the love and respect they share have remained solid. 


Magic Moments


All couples have their ups and downs.  The happiest couples remember the good times and learn from the bad.  It's almost magical to reminisce about both.  Often on our anniversary, Jim and I review events of the previous year.  Sometimes we make a list to guide our conversation and record the memories; other times it's a simple spontaneous conversation. 


Several years ago, I was surprised to find I'd completely forgotten about an event that Jim considered one of his favorites of the year.  This helps us discover -- even after thirty-some years -- what is important to each of us.  


Romantic Adventure Kits





If you'd like a keepsake of your "magic moments" conversations, try the Romantic Adventure Kit entitled For a Romantic Couple.  It contains six cards that guide a couple through heartfelt, intimate conversations. These are not your typical cards.  They're specialized art constructed with raised accents and jewels. Each person fills out his or her own cards.  The cards will be used during a date or as part of a bigger adventure.  

      2 cards prompt you to recall good times in the past

      2 cards focus on the qualities you admire in your sweetheart

      2 cards explore hopes and dreams for the future




Cards in From a Romantic ManFrom a Romantic Woman and For a Romantic Couple are based on concepts in The Art of the Spark.  From a Romantic Man and From a Romantic Woman each contain six cards:

2 cards say "I love you"

1 card makes a date

1 card builds anticipation for an adventure

1 card kicks off the adventure

1 card says thank you 

Romantic Adventure Kits are $25 each, plus shipping.  Complete instructions with suggestions for giving are included.  Quantities are limited. Go to to order. 


Speaking Engagements


I'll be speaking at the Colorado Parents of Multiples Convention in Denver on April 9.  Studies show that parents of multiples are more likely to divorce than other couples.  If you have twins, triplets or more and you'd like to find out how to keep the spark in your relationship, consider coming to this state convention.  


Schedule Your Own Art of the Spark Workshop


It's easy to host your own Art of the Spark workshop tailored to your needs. When a church or non-profit sponsors the event, twenty percent of proceeds will be donated to that organization.  

For more information go to


Rave reviews from past participants


"I was deeply touched by the things that happened that afternoon.  My husband, who has always been a great husband but never particularly demonstrative, totally blew my socks off... He's been so warm and considerate since that afternoon -- I'm just elated!" 

— Linda Lauck


"On a scale of 1 to 10, the workshop was an 11.  It was filled with substance and depth, yet still playful and easy."  — Ronna Vigil 


"It really opened up my mind to things I have never thought of before."  — Les Simpson


"LOVED YOUR WORKSHOP!!!! Thank you for bringing an extra spark to our relationship. I know the next 10 years are going to be that much more amazing!!" — Noelle Arbon


"I not only endorse and recommend this class, but feel that Mary has put a creative and fun approach to a subject we sometimes take for granted in this fast-paced world of ours." —John Daugherty, Doctor of Chiropractic


"The course brought together many new ideas and all the things that have worked for us but were forgotten."  —Tom Saponas


Buy The Art of the Spark

Have you read The Art of the Spark You can get one for yourself, or buy copies as gifts for friends.   


If you are hosting a party and want a fun and unusual icebreaker, try Romance Bingo.


Food for Celebration


It's no wonder Kurt enjoys cooking for Louise when she's tired.  When she's in the kitchen, she turns out some fabulous dishes.  Here are two of her specialties and a healthy snack that even her 12-year-old daughter Angela loves. 


Venezuelan Pico De Gallo


When Louise brings this appetizer to parties, it's always the most popular dip on the table.  


Barbecue Salmon


The omega-3 essential fatty acids found in salmon make it exceptionally nutritious. Not only is it low in calories, it's high in protein. Since I serve it often, I was thrilled when Louise showed me yet another recipe for this tasty fish.


Kale Chips


Recently Patty Podszus described kale chips to our knitting group.  She made them sound so good that I bought kale on my way home to try that night.  I've since served them to at least thirty people.  They have been a hit with people of all ages, including Louise's 12-year-old daughter. 


Until Next Time


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Wishing you a life of romantic adventure,

Mary Zalmanek 



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