Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 1 - A Muddy Obsession

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"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." -- Karen Sunde


Picture Kelly as a child, a skinny tomboy with an infectious giggle.  She'd be the one leading the neighborhood kids through the sprinklers on a hot summer day, loving the feel of wet grass and mud between her toes, leaving dirty footprints all over the house when her mom called her for dinner.

Picture Kelly approaching 40, a beautiful, well-groomed, successful businesswoman.  She still has that infectious giggle, and she can still charm her friends into indulging her obsessions, even when it's not good clean fun.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, she invited her friends for a game of volleyball. Mud volleyball.

Kelly and her husband have a ranch in southern Colorado. A dried up Kelly's mud volleyball pond provided the perfect volleyball court.  A water sprinkler turned the parched land into several inches of gooey, black muck. Before the end of the first game, a dozen of her most playful friends were covered in gritty slime. Remaining upright on that slippery surface was almost as challenging as serving or returning the dirty, waterlogged ball.  With the temperature in the nineties, no one minded the frigid but invigorating necessity of hosing off after the games ended.

Over dinner, Kelly's friends shared what they love about her.  Most mentioned Kelly's love of life, her ability to fully immerse herself in the moment, whether it's running her own real estate company, volunteering for noble causes, or playing with child-like intensity.  Everyone appreciated the invitation to play, even those of us who hadn't played in the mud for decades.


I'll be teaching THE ART OF THE SPARK classes at Colorado Free University in January, February and March.  If you are in the Denver area, I'd love to have you join us.  The 5-hour class is $54 for one person and $94 for couples.  The CFU member price is $49 for one person and $89 for couples. To register, call CFU at (303) 399-0093.
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I'll be happily signing books at the following events:

Thursday, November 17, 5:00 to 8:00
Bella Art & Frame
366 2nd Street
Monument, Colorado

   Bella Art & Frame, part of the Gallery Center, participates in the 
   Monument's Art    Hop on the third Thursday of each month.   Come
   browse at Bella Art & Frame, Pankratz Gallery, and Pacific-Rim
   Interiors.  Enjoy the fine dining at the Herb Garden Bistro.

Friday, December 2, 5:30 to 8:30
Studios at Cottonwood
25 Cimino Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado

   Collins Redman painted the eye-catching oil painting featured on the
   cover of The Art of the Spark.  She's one of the 44 artists in the
   growing community at  the Studios at Cottonwood.  On the first
   Friday of every month they have an open house to showcase the
   works of these talented artists.  Please join the fun.  Refreshments
   served, and cash bar available.  To get there, exit south from the
   Colorado Avenue bridge (there's no exit from I-25 to Colorado
   Avenue).  See their web site at

Saturday, December 3
Denver, Colorado

   Tia Goldschlag and Gail Gudder host an Annual Holiday Show, which
   will be held Saturday, December 3rd.  Tia is a talented artist and
   graphic designer.  Gail creates beautiful jewelry.  I'll be there
   admiring their works, eating the delectable food, and signing books.
   Watch for more information.


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