Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 14 - My Mom, The Swinger


'Those who say only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain.'
    -- Unknown


My mom is a swinger.   Just ask Billy Bob Thornton.   

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this recently widowed 77-year-old in action with Billy Bob.  In a darkened room full of strangers, I gasped, 'That's my mom!' 

She started swinging before my dad died, and now continues without a partner.  More than twenty years ago, friends encouraged my mom and dad to sign up for some life-changing lessons.  'Swing your partner!'  My mom, Doris Ross, is a square dancer. 

'Astronaut Farmer,' starring Billy Bob and Virginia Madsen, was filmed in Sante Fe.  Square dancers from Albuquerque were invited to be extras in the square dance scene.  The scene was filmed about four months after my dad's death.  When she called to tell me about it, I heard a renewed enthusiasm in her voice. She had something to look forward to, something to be excited about.

The movie was filmed on a chilly spring night.  Between takes, assistants brought jackets to the stars, while the extras shivered in their party clothes.

For eighteen months, she didn't know if her scene would hit the big screen or fall victim to the editing process.  On February 23, 'Astronaut Farmer' was released. 

On opening day, my mom went to the matinee with her square dancing friends. In the mall before the movie started, they staged their own show.  The caller cranked up the music and directed three squares (that's twenty-four dancers) to 'do-si-do' and 'allemande left.' 

They took their seats inside the empty theater.  Imagine the curious expressions of the other movie goers as they begin to trickle in.  Here were three rows of very enthusiastic senior citizens, the women dressed in frilly chiffon petticoats under ruffled dresses, the men in matching western shirts and ties. During their 30-seconds of fame, the group exploded with applause.

Four-hundred miles north, my husband and I sat in a theater at the same time.  Imagine the curious expression of the other movie goers when I exclaimed, 'That's my mother!'  People close enough, and thankfully they were few, could see the tear that trickled down my cheek.   She was on screen twice, maybe for a total of two seconds.  I couldn't have been happier for her if she'd won an Academy Award.  She was smiling, having fun. 

I learned love from my parents.  They were devoted to each other throughout my entire life.  I worried about my mom's ability to cope and desire to carry on after my dad's death.  To my great relief and delight, even though she still grieves for him, she's living her life.  Her continued participation in the some of the activities they did together honors his memory.  

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the memories. 


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Mary Zalmanek

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