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Issue 23 - A Stroke of Luck

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Quote of the Month
"Each misfortune you encounter will carry in it the seed of tomorrow's good luck."    - Og Mandino
A Stroke of Luck
Call it a stroke of luck - or love. When Joe Sabah had a stoke on February 24, 2004, it was his former spouse who came to his aid. While he was in the hospital and during the following 42 days he was in rehab, it was Judy who was with him every day. He calls her his "number one angel."
Their story is as unlikely as it is inspiring. Joe met Judy when she attended "How to Speak for Fun and Profit," his popular workshop now in its 29th year.  They became friends, started dating, and in 1981 they married. Their love of public speaking drew them together, and as a team, they made great things happen. They co-founded the Colorado Speakers Association in 1982, a vibrant organization that today is known as NSA Colorado, a chapter of the National Speakers Association.
After sixteen years of marriage, they decided to divorce.
Together they drew up their own divorce papers. They composed a letter to communicate their decision to all the friends and business associates they had developed over the past 16 years. While they did this as amicably as possible, there was no way to know if they would remain friends. This was Joe's third divorce, and based on experience, an enduring friendship with Judy seemed unlikely.
During the next year or two, they had little contact. As time went by, however, their relationship started to improve. They found they still shared the same values, the same love of people, and the same commitment to community.
By the time Joe had the stroke, their friendship was solid.
Since then, it's blossomed. Every Sunday at precisely 10 a.m., Judy calls.  They check in with each other and decide when Judy will pick him up for brunch.  Afterwards, they shop for the week's groceries. Judy takes him home, does his laundry, and sets out his medicines for the week.
They know they can count on each other, even more than they did when they were married.  Back then, Joe didn't recognize Judy's need to be heard.  Now when Judy needs to talk, he says, "I'll be your listener."
They respect each other. Did you notice I called Judy Joe's "former spouse" instead of "ex-wife?" That's the term they use to show respect, just like we refer to "former presidents," instead of "ex-presidents."
The stroke may have slowed Joe down a bit, but it sure didn't stop him.  He does what he can with his one good hand and has a personal assistant for two-handed tasks. He continues to teach workshops and speak. He shares his passion for stroke prevention in his talk, "I Had a Stoke, Boy Am I Lucky!"
His 77th birthday was May 31. He chose that day to release his new ebook, "Are You Singing The Song You Came To Sing?" Sixty-five authors and speakers, including yours truly, contributed their stories. You can get your copy at

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The Groundbreaking
2008 Lotus Workshop and Conference
October 17th -19th
The Marriott Southwest, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nine experts in relationships, sexuality, and sacred sexuality will be converging in the beautiful Land of Lakes region of Minneapolis for three days of revealing the tips,practices, and secrets of intimate relating from ancient cultures and modern science. Speakers include Deborah Sundahl, Mary Zalmanek, Chip August, Francesca Gentille, Ina Mlekush, Harold Taitt, Ann Maxwell, Deborah Adele, and Jennifer Prichett.
The journey begins with a beautiful ceremony, keynote speakers, overview of the weekend, and gentle mixers. Saturday is smorgasbord of 1 and 1/2 hour workshops, with an evening of dinner, mingling with the experts and exhibitors. Sunday is a day of intensive trainings and deepenings. 
For detailed information about this exciting conference, visit

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