Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 28 - Worth the Wait

Quote of the Month

If you live to be a hundred, I want
To live to be a hundred minus one day,
So I never have to live without you.
   -- Winnie the Pooh

Worth the Wait

Jeff knew his proposal was overdue. He and Julie, his sweetheart of two years, had talked about marriage, but he still hadn't popped the question.  He wanted the proposal to be a memorable event, not just a conversation that ended with an agreement and a date set. Last October a plan came together. 

One Saturday before Julie left for work, Jeff hid a package in her car.  They agreed to meet at America the Beautiful Park in downtown Colorado Springs around 4:00.  From there, they would go out to dinner.  Shortly before they were due to meet, he sent her a text message that said, "Look under the passenger's seat."  She found a CD and put it into the player. 

On the first track, Jeff's voice said, "Hello Yoolie!  You are being sent on a little adventure this evening.  As with all adventures, there are many unknowns.  You will find clues along the way that will help lead you down the correct path, but it is up to you to interpret the clues and determine your next destination. Should you need help interpreting clues along the way, you always have the option to phone a friend, but not a boyfriend." 

Songs to inspire her on her journey followed the first clue on the CD. Her first stop took her to Jack Quinn's Irish Pub.  That's where their relationship changed from being life-long friends to something more.  When she asked the bartender for a "Thistle Dew," a drink known only to Jeff and her, he gave her a glass of water and the next clue. 

Julie was instructed to go to Jeff's house to check on his dog.  She was surprised to find her two dogs there as well. While Jeff and Julie had known each other as children, their adult friendship had been formed when they moved back to Colorado after college.  They started taking their dogs to the dog park together.  The animals had been an important part of their relationship.  The second clue was on a ribbon tied around her oldest dog's neck.

Her next destination was the site of their first date, a sushi restaurant.  Jeff had decided to include her two best friends in the excitement.  After dinner, they told Julie to go to Jeff's parent's house and look for a clue in the DVD collection.  She found the clue, a map to Fox Run Park.  When she left, Jeff's mom called him to say Julie was on her way. 

Jeff went into action, lighting candles and arranging roses.  Julie called him when she got to the parking lot.  He came to get her and led her to the gazebo on the pond. Down on one knee, he said, "I love the adventure life is with you.  I'm ready for the greatest adventure yet.  Will you marry me?"

Julie's answer was an immediate "Yes!"  He slipped a diamond ring on her finger.  To celebrate, he opened a special bottle of wine they'd selected on a prior tour of Colorado vineyards.  Her excitement had built throughout the afternoon, especially as she visited meaningful places and shared time with loved ones.

The happy couple made plans to tie the knot in September, 2009 and live happily ever after.  Or for a hundred years minus one day.

Inexpensive Valentine's Ideas

You know your love language, right?  (If you don't, review Chapter 1 in The Art of the Spark or take the Love Language Quiz at  Here are some suggestions for Valentine's celebrations based on your love language.

Words of affirmation - Write a love letter to your sweetheart or list the top 10 reasons you fell in love.  Read your letter to that special person after dinner.

Receiving gifts - The Art of the Spark has a gift giving exercise in Chapter 7.   It's not about giving or receiving the perfect gift.  It's about finding suitable gifts based on parameters each of you specifies.  You agree upon a spending limit and a time limit.  When you have 30 minutes to find a $20 gift, you realize it's about having fun and the memories the gift will bring.

Acts of service - Cook a romantic recipe for dinner, or give a reading day.  Book lovers love reading days.  It's when you not only give the gift of a book, but the time to read it as well. The giver does all the household chores for a day, allowing the receiver to read all day long. 

Physical touch - Have a spa day at home. Enjoy an Anthony and Cleopatra Milk Bath together, and give each other massages.  Even if you're not much of a masseuse, you can still have fun with this. You can buy a hot stone massage kit for under $20.  Or caress your sweetheart's skin with different objects.  Let him or her guess, with eyes closed, what you are using. Gather unusual items from around the house, like a feather, a fork, or a golf ball.  You could even try a Fringe Tickler. 

Quality time - Spend time focusing on each other.   Talk about your past, present and future: 10 favorite memories, 10 qualities you love about each other, and 10 hopes and dreams for the future.

Announcing Fringe Ticklers!

The Fringe Ticklers were a hit!  In fact, there are only a few left.  Never fear, there are more on the way.  In case you missed last month's introduction, it's a chopstick with 12-inch fringe attached.  It feels absolutely heavenly on your bare skin. Whether you use it as the finale to a sensual massage or present it as a stand-alone treat, your sweetheart will thank you for it. 

I bought one of these last October, and quickly realized one was not enough. One for each hand would double the pleasure. After I made another one for us, I decided to make them for you, too.

Fringe Ticklers are $12 each or 2 for $20.  Allow 2 weeks for delivery.  See what the Ticklers look like and order yours at Fringe Tickler. 

Celebrating with Food

If you decided to spend Valentine's Day at home this year, why not try a blindfolded food tasting?  Put a sleep mask on your sweetie.  Sit him or her down at the table.  Set out finger foods with a variety of tastes and textures - like nuts, cheese, olives, and fruits - and put his or her hand on one of the dishes.  It doesn't need to be messy like that scene in 9 ½ Weeks.  You won't need to call a cleaning crew afterwards.  When the sense of sight is taken away, the other senses will do double duty.  Your sweetie will notice the texture of the food in hand, how it smells and how it tastes.  Each bite will be savored.  Then swap the blindfold and serving duties so you can both have the experience of sightless eating.

If you want to follow it up with a light meal, the Asian pear date salad and the green chili quiche could hit the spot.


·         Asian Pear Date Salad



·         Green Chili Quiche with Potato Crust


The orange blossom pie and the milk bath are perfect partners.  You'll need orange peels for the milk bath, and orange slices for the pie. 



Cleopatra was famous for her soft skin.  This legendary beauty knew the benefits of bathing in milk and honey. What modern-day Cleopatra wouldn't want to soak her asp in this delightful concoction?  Surely Anthony will want to join in.


Sensuous Spa Treatment

·         Anthony and Cleopatra Milk Bath  



Until Next Time


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Mary Zalmanek 


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