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Issue 32 - Love Never Quits

Issue 32, Love Never Quits


Quote of the Month


"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle." — Amy Bloom


Love Never Quits


Ann and Gary remember the milestones in their love story.  They met in first grade.  In third grade, he sent her a love note.  Their first kiss was in sixth grade after their ballroom dancing class.  They dated off and on through high school.  Just after graduation, the eighteen-year-old lovebirds married.


Fifty years later, they have two children and five grandchildren who have filled their lives with joy.  They've also had their share of ups and downs.  For more than thirty years, Ann fought severe depression and thoughts of suicide, which she shared in her book Out of Focus...Again.  Her illness challenged everything.  During an especially difficult time, Gary escaped by channel surfing and heard the words that have stayed with him to this day.  A public service announcement sponsored by a consortium of churches said, "Love never quits; love never gives up."


Their story made me think about what it takes for a relationship to last a lifetime.  I polled some friends and acquaintances and came up with these twelve factors:


  1. Respect each other
  2. Communicate openly
  3. Have a sense of humor
  4. Be best friends
  5. Share common interests, and support and encourage individual ones
  6. Give and earn trust
  7. Keep an open mind
  8. Give lots of loving touch and affection
  9. Commit to each other
  10. Share common values and philosophy of life
  11. Fight fairly and forget and forgive quickly
  12. Hold tight during hard times and celebrate the good times


What's most important to you?  What does it take to go from first kiss to a lifetime of love? 

September 12 Art of the Spark Workshop

There are only a few days left to register for the next Art of the Spark workshop.  On September 12, St. Benedict's and Holy Apostles Catholic Churches are sponsoring a 3-hour workshop from 2:00 to 5:00, which is open to the public.  It's $35 for couples and $25 for singles.  It will be held in the Parish Hall at Holy Apostles, 4925 N. Carefree Circle.  Click here to get more information or to register for the class.


If you want to arrange a workshop at your own church, email me at  Twenty percent of the proceeds are donated to the church.


In-Home Workshops


If you are in the Colorado Springs or Denver area, it's easy to host your own Art of the Spark workshop.  Each 3-hour session is $15 per person or $25 per couple.  If you want a 6- or 9-hour workshop, it can be scheduled over several evenings or a weekend. 


Each couple or person would need to have a book, and the hostess gets a free copy.  The book can be purchased online at or at the workshop.  The minimum number in a group is 8, but the more the merrier.   My husband, Jim, assists so we can break into two groups and plan surprises for your sweetheart.


Radio Interview


I was recently interviewed by the delightful Francesca Gentile on Personal Life Media.  Within a day or two the interview should be available as a podcast.  Listen to some of the other fascinating interviews too while you are there.  


Buy The Art of the Spark

Have you read The Art of the Spark?  You can get one for yourself, and even buy some as gifts for friends.   


If you are hosting party and want a fun and unusual icebreaker, try Romance Bingo.


Last but not least, if you want some pampering, pick up a pair of Fringe Ticklers.  Ask your sweetheart to slide them over your back.  It feels heavenly.


Celebrating with Food


All of the recipes this month celebrate the abundance of garden vegetables. 




My mother-in-law, Betty Zalmanek, is famous for her cucumber salad.  Her kids ask her to bring it to every family gathering. 


Cucumber Salad


Schultz's Gourmet Hot Sauce is my new favorite condiment.  It makes fabulous potato salad. 


Zesty Potato Salad




If you're wondering what to do with all the zucchini this time of year, here's a tasty recipe.   

Roasted Ratatouille


I married into a family of fine cooks.  My brother-in-law, Mark Zalmanek, often brings calabacitas, a tasty Mexican squash and corn dish, to family gatherings. 



Until Next Time


If you enjoyed this free newsletter, please forward it to friends. I care about people and how they celebrate.  If you have any stories you'd like to share, please send them to me at


Wishing you a life of romantic adventure,

Mary Zalmanek 


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