Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 34 - A Love Too True to DIe

Quote of the Month


"Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." — John Wayne

A Love Too True to Die


CJ met Rick on a blind date when she was a senior in high school and he was in college.  They fell in love, dated for years, but eventually broke up.  CJ moved to Colorado, while Rick stayed in Arizona.  For the next thirty years, they lived separate but similar lives.  Each married, had three children, and divorced. 


Eventually Rick connected with CJ in Colorado.  Even though they hadn't spoken in three decades, they soon realized they'd never stopped loving each other.  Rick was a retired firefighter, and CJ worked for the University of Colorado.  The obvious choice was for Rick to move to Colorado.  He gave it his best shot, even learning to use a snowblower.  But for a guy from Tombstone, Arizona, a town twenty-some miles north of the Mexican border, Colorado was just too cold.  He asked her to move to Tombstone.  She had a choice: she could stay in the state she loved, or she could move to be with the man she loved.  He took her to Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry.  Together they chose a ring.  After he paid for it, he got down on one knee and proposed — right there in Jared's.  She chose love. Her answer set a series of events in motion: her retirement, her move to Tombstone, and their wedding.


On November 28, 2009 CJ and Rick were married in an 1880's Tombstone-style wedding.  An ordained minister dressed as Wyatt Earp performed the ceremony.  The bride and groom were dressed in vintage Western clothing. 


Tombstone is known as "The Town Too Tough to Die."   CJ and Rick have a love too true to die.  That's something they learned from yesterday that they can use today and tomorrow.


One More Quote


"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was "thank you," that would suffice." — Meister Eckhart


Pens and Tissues


This year I'm thankful for pens and tissues.  Of course, I'm also thankful for the love of family and friends, good health and the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans, but I'm also appreciating the little things.  Last January my friend Yella left her comfortable life in the US and moved to Panama with her husband Tom.  Some things we take for granted, like pens and tissues, aren't readily available in other countries.  Next time I grab a pen to make a note or a tissue to dab a tear, let me remember the "thank you."


21 Questions


My mother-in-law Betty recently celebrated her 82nd birthday.  Her daughter Linda planned a dinner party for her.  After dinner, Linda led us in a "21 Questions" game to find out what Betty's extended family knew about her life.  Most of us knew Betty's birth order, but few knew she ate tomatoes on cornflakes. Linda was clever, throwing in several trick questions.  She asked which of two local hospitals Betty was born in, but she was actually born at home.  The best part of the game was hearing Betty tell the stories behind the questions.


Christmas Gift Ideas


Who on your Christmas list is in love and wants to stay that way?  The Art of the Spark has lots of love-friendly anecdotes and suggestions for expressing love and creating fun.  Couples who play together stay together. 


If you're looking for an idea for a holiday gathering, consider Romance Bingo.  It's a lively icebreaker for parties and showers.


Last but not least, if you want to pamper your sweetheart, pick up a pair of Fringe Ticklers.  Slide the silky fringe on your sweetie's back.  It feels heavenly.


There's free shipping until December 10. 


In-Home Workshops


If you are in the Colorado Springs or Denver area, it's easy to host your own Art of the Spark workshop.  Each 3-hour session is $15 per person or $25 per couple.  If you want a 6- or 9-hour workshop, it can be scheduled over several evenings or a weekend. 


Each couple or person would need to have a book, and the hostess gets a free copy.  The book can be purchased online at or at the workshop.  The minimum number in a group is 8, but the more the merrier.   My husband, Jim, assists so we can break into two groups and plan surprises for your sweetheart.


If you want to arrange a workshop at your own church, email me at  Twenty percent of the proceeds are donated to the church.


Sign up now to host your Valentine's workshop in January or February.


Celebrating with Food


It's great to give thanks with turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie, but here are some recipes I enjoy year round.


Salmon with Pesto and Orange Sauce


Salmon is a healthy, versatile fish.  I like it however it's prepared, but this unique blend of flavors with pesto and orange is one of my favorites.


Lemon Orange Pilaf


If you are cooking for two, this pilaf is good left over.


Balsamic Strawberries with Lemon Crème Fraiche


When you want to end your meal with something sweet but not as heavy as cake or pie, this is a good choice.


Until Next Time


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Wishing you a life of romantic adventure,

Mary Zalmanek 


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