Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Issue 7 - The Right Stuff


"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person." -- Mignon McLaughlin


On a recent flight, I sat next to a handsome young Air Force officer and his 2-year-old son.  Greg was taking the boy to visit grandparents. He lamented the fact that his lovely wife, Teri, could not join them on this trip.

When I talk to a man in love, I can't help but ask about how he met his sweetheart and their special romantic memories.  Greg told me about a Valentine's Day early in their courtship.

Once when Teri was in Greg's apartment, she took something from his bedroom.  Imagine his surprise when he opened his beautifully wrapped Valentine's gift - a pair of his very own gym shorts. She told him to not ask questions.  "Just put on the shorts and come with me," she said.   

They drove to a commercial office building, which confused Greg even further.  Teri had been taking massage lessons, unbeknownst to Greg.  She had arranged with her instructor to give Greg a two-on-one massage.  Teri followed her instructor's lead, massaging Greg's arms and legs in tandem with the instructor, and with synchronized motions.  Greg said it was the best massage he'd ever had.

After the massage, Teri suggested they go to the home theatre in her apartment complex to watch a movie.  This was something they frequently did, enjoying the informal atmosphere with other tenants in the building. 

When they arrived, Greg noticed something was amiss.  The lights were low, candles were lit, and no one else was there.  The aroma from a recently delivered pizza filled the air. He thought he'd interrupted someone else's private party.  That's when Teri told him she'd reserved the theater for a private showing of THE RIGHT STUFF.  Since Greg was a pilot who'd graduated from the Air Force Academy, that had always been one of his favorite movies.

Years later, that evening is still his favorite Valentine's memory.


If you're ever in England, be sure to go on a walk in the countryside where there are kissing gates, small gates swinging in U or V-shaped enclosures, which allows only one person to pass through at a time.  Be sure to kiss your sweetie whenever you pass through one of these gates.  To give emphasis to the memory, create your own traditions: make a wish, whisper sweet nothings, or offer each other blessings. 


When the 10th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards were announced, The Art of the Spark was one of two finalist in the Relationships category.  The winner was SEX MACHINES.  (It's hard to compete against a title like that.) There were over 2000 entries across genres from some big names in publishing, so I feel good about the results. (I'd feel even better if I'd won.)


I attended Book Expo American in Washington DC last week. BEA is the largest book event in the US, with over 30,000 attendees. James Patterson, Bob Newhart and Dr. Ruth were just a few of the other authors attending. 

Meeting Rick Ruggles was a highlight of the Expo for me.  This is a man who likes hearts even more than I do.  He photographs "found hearts." He captures these images exactly as he finds them in natural and urban setting.  Check out his website at and you'll see why I was so impressed.


Last night Kelly and Ralph sponsored the first in-home workshop, which was very well received.  Ralph said he received "great ideas to break from the mundane to the magnificent." Here is the information if you'd like to sponsor one, too.

If you are in the Colorado Springs/Denver area, you can host an Art of the Spark workshop in your home.  If there are at least 5 couples who attend, the cost is $25 per couple, which includes 1 copy of The Art of the Spark for each couple, a $16.95 value. The hosting couple attends at no cost and receives a free book.
We schedule this at some mutually agreeable time.  We'd plan for 3 hours.  For a limited time, couples attending can fill out the Romance Profile and receive a 15-minute romance coaching session (a $25 value).

Additional sessions can be scheduled at $20 per couple for 5 couples if you decide you want more time.  In the first session, we cover the basics. In the second session we plan an adventure. My husband usually comes with me so we can break into two groups and plan surprises for our partners.


June: a great month for weddings.  And what do most newlyweds want even more than toasters or towels?  Lasting love, that's what!  If you have friends or family getting married this summer, The Art of the Spark would make a great wedding or shower gift. 


The radio interview on Long Island's Dating Show on May 19 went so well that I've been invited back for another 30 minute interview on July 21. 

"Long Island's Dating"
Live radio from New York
Friday, July 21 from 6:00 to 6:30 (Eastern Time)
WGBB AM 1240
At WGBB website, click "Listen Live" text at lower left, then click "Long Island's Talking." WGBB Call-in Hotline: 631 888-8811


Roche Harbor Resort, San Juan Islands, Washington
Wednesday, July 5


Saturday, June 10
"Romance in an RV"
2006 Trek Rally
Sedalia, Missouri

Sunday, September 10
General Merchandise Distributors Council
Health & Beauty Care Marketing Conference
Dallas, Texas
Spouses Program


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Wishing you a life of adventure,
Mary Zalmanek

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