Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
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The monthly Celebrating Our Lives Newsletter contains one short anecdote and any noteworthy news. The short stories will fall into one of three categories: romancing your sweetheart, celebrating people and special events, or building camaraderie in groups. May these stories entertain you, and occasionally spark ideas for your own celebrations.
Our list of back issues: 
Issue 56    Hugs: 34,000 and Counting
Issue 55    Surprise! It's a Wedding!
Issue 54    12 Hours of Christmas and Seeds of Hope
Issue 53    Singing Away Fears
Issue 52    A Memorable Birthday
Issue 51    A Family Reunited
Issue 50    A Gift from the Heart
Issue 49    A Winning Attitude
Issue 48    Genny's Hope
Issue 47    Freedom
Issue 46    The Magic of Love
Issue 45    Peaks and Valleys
Issue 44    Dinner in Bed
Issue 43    Good Things Come in Big Packages
Issue 42    Sweeter Than Success
Issue 41    Pay-it-forward Time
Issue 40    While You Were Out
Issue 39     Planned Grumpiness
Issue 38    Acts of Kindness
Issue 37    The Amazing Hidden Heart
Issue 36    Forty-one Words
Issue 35    Vision with Action 
Issue 34    A Love Too True to Die
Issue 33    Doing the Impossible
Issue 32    Love Never Quits
Issue 31    Two-Wheeling Fun
Issue 30    Miracles of Love
Issue 29    Shared Love
Issue 28    Worth the Wait
Issue 27    A New Year, A New Attitude
Issue 26    The Season for Family Traditions
Issue 25    Beaches of Minnesota
Issue 24    Men of Mystery
Issue 23    A Stroke of Luck
Issue 22    Serendipity
Issue 21    Sweet Memories
Issue 20    Valentine's Day Perspective
Issue 19    Pirate John's Party
Issue 18    Sustaining Traditions
Issue 17    Pack the Piñata
Issue 16    Sweet Sixteen
Issue 15    A Perfect Score
Issue 14    My Mom, The Swinger
Issue 13    Meet me in St. Louie, Louie
Issue 12    The Bride and the Bee
Issue 11    Romantic Holiday Tips
Issue 10    Roller Coaster Dreams
Issue 9      For Better or Worse, In Sickness and In Health
Issue 8      Love at First Promise
Issue 7      The Right Stuff
Issue 6      The Days of Pennies and Roses
Issue 4      The Kids' Guide to Merging Families
Issue 3      Battered Bozo
Issue 2      Elysium
Issue 1      A Muddy Obsession