Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
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Announcing Romantic Adventure Kits!

Based on concepts in The Art of the Spark, each Romantic Adventure Kit contains six gorgeous greeting cards handcrafted by Connie Gallo. These are not your typical cards. They're specialized art constructed with raised accents and jewels.

If you've read The Art of the Spark, you know about the Romance Pyramid -- frequent loving gestures, regularly scheduled dates, and romantic adventures.

From a Romantic Man

From a Romantic Woman

The photographs show sample cards from each kit. All six cards in each set have a unique design.

From a Romantic Man and From a Romantic Woman contain the following cards based on the Romance Pyramid:

2 to say "I love you"

1 to make a date

1 to build anticipation for an adventure

1 to kick off the adventure

1 to say thank you

For example, the make-a-date card in From a Romantic Woman looks like a personal ad. It says

"Woman seeks romantic interlude with her beloved.

Just say yes."

The inside says


"We've been so busy lately



It's time to make a date

To reconnect

To have fun - just you and me

To enjoy the love we share"


For a Romantic Couple

For a Romantic Couple guides a couple through a heartfelt, intimate conversation. Each person fills out his or her own cards. The cards will be used during a date or as part of a bigger adventure. This kit contains three cards for each of you.

2 to reminisce about the good times in the past

2 qualities you admire in your sweetheart

2 hopes and dreams for the future

Romantic Adventure Kits are $25 each, plus shipping. Since each set is handmade, the cards may vary slightly from the photographs. Complete instructions with suggestions for giving are included. Quantities are limited.

Romantic Adventure Kits