Adventures of the Heart
Mary Zalmanek
Speaking Engagements

The Groundbreaking
2008 Lotus Workshop and Conference
October 17th -19th
The Marriott Southwest, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nine experts in relationships, sexuality, and sacred sexuality will be converging in the beautiful Land of Lakes region of Minneapolis for three days of revealing the tips,practices, and secrets of intimate relating from ancient cultures and modern science. Speakers include Deborah Sundahl, Mary Zalmanek, Chip August, Francesca Gentille, Ina Mlekush, Harold Taitt, Ann Maxwell, Deborah Adele, and Jennifer Prichett.
The journey begins with a beautiful ceremony, keynote speakers, overview of the weekend, and gentle mixers. Saturday is smorgasbord of 1 and 1/2 hour workshops, with an evening of dinner, mingling with the experts and exhibitors. Sunday is a day of intensive trainings and deepenings. 
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Unity Church in the Rockies
March 4, 2007
Colorado Springs, CO

Watch the video from the Sunday talk entitled "Celebrating with Our Highest Good in Mind."